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Staying at The WORST Reviewed Hotel in my City (1 STAR)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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  • Ryland Adams

    Ryland Adams

     5 months ago +14398

    a couple things!
    first, I didn't realize who actually started this trend because I've seen so many people doing so many 1 star videos but you guys have brought to my attention that started this trend so please show him some love! I should have done some research into where it started
    Second, for the people asking about the protein shake recipe:
    -Fill a large cup (like the one in this video) half way with ice
    -1/4 full with almond milk, water or actual milk (your choice)
    -1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    -full banana
    -large spoonful of peanut butter
    then blend :)
    that's all, hope you have a great day!

  • Jennifer Hernandez

    Jennifer Hernandez

     5 months ago +6375

    U know the hotel is bad when Garret doesn’t approve😂😂💀

  • Alexandra L Trevillian

    Alexandra L Trevillian

     4 months ago +1981

    unpopular opinion:
    graveyard girl overreacted

  • Cassie Schwager

    Cassie Schwager

     1 months ago +227

    no shade but graveyard girl was such a drama queen. it was a pRANK.

  • Hay Bae

    Hay Bae

     4 months ago +1699

    Morgan : i like haunted hotels and stuff
    Shane : i had s€x in a 1 star hotel once

  • Dani Dorian

    Dani Dorian

     4 months ago +1572

    I LOVE GARRETT SO DAMN MUCH. He is seriously one of the best human beings on the planet ever.

  • Danger Apples

    Danger Apples

     4 months ago +2938

    Ryland: "I don't wanna offend anyone"
    Also Ryland: C U M S T A I N S

  • Mr Trash

    Mr Trash

     2 months ago +758

    “Texas when I accidentally made grave3yardgirl cry” omg I love him

  • Katt •Sweat, Calm, Hurt, Princess•

    Katt •Sweat, Calm, Hurt, Princess•

     3 months ago +473

    If I were Garrett being yelled at, getting blamed and stuff..... I would cry, like every time I see Garrett get blamed I start crying haha. It's just so sad

  • Firecracker gigi

    Firecracker gigi

     1 months ago +267

    "I don't support Chick-fil-A"
    "What about the drive thru"
    "Maybe I support them in the drive thru"
    I love Garrett

  • Alyssa Eime

    Alyssa Eime

     3 months ago +236

    Why does Ryland's ass look amazing in that jumpsuit?!?!

  • daisy darling

    daisy darling

     5 months ago +3401

    i think this is the first time i've heard garrett being negative about something

  • Kenzie Persio

    Kenzie Persio

     2 months ago +198

    “Oh... just knife cuts. Don’t worry. Just where someone was defending themselves. Keep going!”

  • Isnt AnAhNaH

    Isnt AnAhNaH

     4 months ago +240

    When Shane said "Garrett"
    Garrett's innocent "What?"
    had me in fits 😂

  • iiawuhc


     4 months ago +519

    garrett: in texas when i made graveyard girl cry!
    that was the most funniest thing ever xD when she started crying i laughed tbh

  • Ntiara Manjrekar

    Ntiara Manjrekar

     3 months ago +135

    Morgan in the background : ugh skinny people😒

  • Alyssa Hoeltke

    Alyssa Hoeltke

     4 months ago +276

    “let’s do a Q&A!!”
    “OMG yes that’s so fun let’s do it !”
    asks Garret one question

  • Madie Dale

    Madie Dale

     4 months ago +42

    The sad thing is is that I own rylands jumpsuit 😂

  • Mikkie Zwilling

    Mikkie Zwilling

     4 months ago +91

    So happy Garrett made them get other clothes, I was already starting to stress out

  • Elizabeth


     1 months ago +35

    but like Bunny was being extra in the Texas series with Garret’s ghost prank. Sorry not sorry.