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Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

     7 months ago +810

    Merch restocked at ❤️ part 2 will be up on Saturday or Sunday love you guys

  • Abdullah Lafee

    Abdullah Lafee


    Dude please come back to mobile I want to meet you

  • Gary Ruggeri

    Gary Ruggeri



  • EvanP



    11:47 Chicken leg piece

  • Riftz Koen

    Riftz Koen

     2 days ago +1

    They let you in the school?

  • シFatal_Hazrd


     3 days ago

    6:27 “you know she would tear his ass up he ain’t gonna mess with her”

  • Cody Allred

    Cody Allred

     4 days ago +2

    the car doesnt drive, but everything else is fing perfect.

  • One_Steamy_Boi


     5 days ago

    Bruh my 2004 4Runner gets 410 miles. Wtf

  • Bean Daddy

    Bean Daddy

     5 days ago

    He just skipped over Houston like that 😢

  • KgbK337


     6 days ago

    ayeee he went to new orleans

  • Nolo Headvss

    Nolo Headvss

     6 days ago

    Am I the only one mad because they were throwing the lizard around😡

  • Dav Swrs

    Dav Swrs

     6 days ago

    “I skipped all of them”
    “It’s a nice day, you can’t NOT go to class” “?!?!? Wtf shoulda gone to class dumbass

  • gavin cheese

    gavin cheese

     6 days ago

    You should come to South Carolina

  • Nicholas Williams

    Nicholas Williams

     7 days ago +1

    bro i'm like crying watching them burn that money

  • Im Jaylen

    Im Jaylen

     7 days ago

    The most country accent I have ever heard

  • Ben Spragg

    Ben Spragg

     7 days ago

    mall grab the boosted board

  • Domas St

    Domas St

     7 days ago

    Garry tho :Ddd

  • Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones

     7 days ago

    Song at 16:48?

  • Aiden Hepp

    Aiden Hepp

     7 days ago

    DickAroundDylan went down the same stairs in one of his vids lmao 8:00

  • MickFoleysMissingEar


     7 days ago

    I just rewatched this video again and that mall is way better than my local mall. My mall sucks ass so much that they took the Chick-fil-A and GameStop out because they were not making enough money. Where’s a boy supposed to get his nug fix.