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iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • ALL : smarturl.it/iKON_NEWKIDS_REApple Music : http://smarturl.it/iKON_NEWKIDS_RE/ap...iTunes : http://smarturl.it/iKON_NEWKIDS_RE/it...Spotify : http://smarturl.it/iKON_NEWKIDS_RE/sp...Albums Available @YG SELECT : http://www.ygselect.com/YG SELECT China : http://cn.ygselect.com/YG SELECT Amazon(JP) : http://bit.ly/yg-amzn-jpYG SELECT Amazon(US) : http://bit.ly/yg-amzn-usYG SELECT Amazon(UK) : http://bit.ly/yg-amzn-ukYG SELECT Qoo10(SG) : https://www.qoo10.sg/shop/ygselect#iKON #아이콘 #NewKidsRepackage #Title #IM_OK #YGMore about iKON @http://www.yg-ikon.com/http://www.facebook.com/OfficialYGiKONhttp://www.youtube.com/OfficialYGiKONhttp://www.sptfy.com/iKONhttp://www.weibo.com/iKONOFFICIALhttp://www.twitter.com/ygent_official
  • Source: https://youtu.be/yqszm7AnX-4


  • Friska Fatma

     1 months ago

    Hanbin : "you don't have to stay with me, i'm fine"Me : NO I will stay with you hanbin

  • Fransisca Olla

     4 days ago



     4 days ago


  • Abigail Cabarrubias

     26 days ago

    —A “Love Scenario” : you are “Perfect”, you’re so “Beautiful”, I “Adore You”, you're my “One and Only”, you gave me “Freedom” everytime you “Hug Me”. So I did “Everything” “Just for You” even if I was a “Jerk” you “Love Me”. But then you become cold and said “Just Go” but please “Don’t Forget”. I want to say “Don’t Let Me Know” if you’ll leave it’s “Killing Me” tho every “Cocktail” shot isn’t helping me. I just want you, “Only You” but you just came back “Long Time No See” and all I can do is to conv...

  • Paty Reyes

     15 hours ago

    Wow THANK YOU... YOU'RE 100% *IKONIC*

  • Elite Ghostzz

     2 days ago


  • i shot the sheriff

     26 days ago

    B.I comeback!! what took you so long to buy ice cream? are you in north pole now?? please take 6 members wt u!!

  • Aileen Padilla

     8 days ago


  • 찰Charlotte

     8 days ago


  • Sophia Eve

     24 days ago

    ARMY is here for all ikonics !!! We will fight together!! ARMY and EXO-Ls and BLINKS etc.. are all here for you!! Stay strong for Hanbin, he wants us to fight for him for IKON!!! Please stay strong don’t leave, we got your backs. I will be here for you guys , I consider you guys as family now. Just don’t leave this fandom please for Hanbin. Just pull yourselves together we can get through it together.... Everyone is sad now I get it. But you guys can fight I believe in you guys!! We will go through ev...

  • Aisha Ali

     42 minutes ago

    ExoL here♥

  • Jillian Maclin

     2 hours ago

    Arslan thank you for your support💙😢

  • Sara ساره

     15 days ago

    *_ARMY_* IS HERE FOR ALL *_IKONICS_**Please* *stay* *stronger*

  • Jillian Maclin

     2 hours ago

    Sara ساره Thank you fellow army💜😢😢😢😢

  • nida's diary

     23 hours ago

    @That one hot Japanese dude Aka Yuta same😓

  • BTS_BP_Edits_Memes BTS_BP_Edits_Memes

     1 months ago

    Hanbin: I'm OkiKONICs: We are not ok, but we will stay strong for you and iKON!

  • Aileen Padilla

     8 days ago

    For IKON😍stay strong iKonics

  • Danial Mohamad

     9 days ago

    stay strong Hanbin, we always support you. even though you have chosen to withdraw from iKON, we remain loyal as iKONic😭😔

  • Anonymous 12

     25 days ago

    No matter what , iKON is a group with SEVEN cute dorks and talented men and lead by a genius awesome besttt leader ever named KIM HANBIN.I repeat again , No matter what!iKONIC will never stop supporting you guys!! We once fell and manage to stood again...Proudly..This time , we will do the same thing too , no matter how long it will take!! iKON iKONIC fightingg💗

  • Danielthepro1229 Danielthepro01

     4 days ago

    gaming with bon bon I know, I’m just saying he was accused of it

  • gaming with bon bon

     4 days ago

    @Danielthepro1229 Danielthepro01 he didn't buy them he thought about it

  • Langkah NURSENS79

     13 days ago

    Almost 1 month. Hmmm...i hope that Kim Hanbin get justice. iKON's song make me falling to kpop. One and only iKON.

  • ailin maria

     9 days ago

    Langkah NURSENS79 same ikon makes me love kpop 😩

  • 찰Charlotte

     a months ago

    IKON have been walking on a harsh path. From Who's next, Hanbin and IKON keep have the burden in their shoulder. Then Mix and Match. Where a bond that has been build need to be broken by a survival show. Hanbin tried to protect it by its means even want to runaway. And he protected it with a new member. Not just 5 people in his shoulder but now 6 people. But when they debuted, people ask why tf then there is Who's next if they gonna debut IKON anyway? When YG have said it in the beginning of the show t...

  • ms.moon

     14 days ago

    i can imagine B.I singing this song in his head when he's trying to sleep, trying to put aside the misery of having left his life, passion, fellow members behind, trying to recover from the shock. All for one insignificant controversy.

  • Toxic Blink

     2 days ago