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AMD Next Horizon Gaming E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Join AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she unveils details about upcoming products and innovations that will shape the future of gaming.
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  • Don Guru de Bro

    Don Guru de Bro

     2 months ago +1046

    15:00 Intro
    16:30 Lisa Su
    21:00 Upcomming Hardware with AMD inside
    24:00 Ryzen 3000 (Zen2) Intro
    28:20 Gaming Benchmarks
    30:09 Streaming Comparison
    32:30 Ryzen 5
    34:40 Prices
    35:10 Navi Intro
    40:20 5700 XT Specs
    41:20 Desgin
    42:33 5700 XT Gaming Benchmarks vs 2070
    43:05 5700 Specs
    44:00 5700 Gaming Benchmarks vs 2060
    47:10 Fidelity FX
    48:44 Burn, burn, burn!
    49:50 Performance cost
    50:36 Radeon Anti Lag
    51:50 Anti Lag Demo vs 2070
    53:00 Lag improvement in Games
    54:30 Prices & Launch Date (July 7)
    55:00 Microsoft Partnership
    57:15 Games
    57:50 Gears 5
    1:04:05 Borderlands
    1:11:46 Unity
    1:21:00 Ubisoft
    1:25:45 Outro?
    1:28:00 Suprise
    1:29:22 5700XT Special Edition Specs
    1:31:23 3950X Specs
    1:31:45 World Records
    1:32:30 Outro!

  • GrillTheClasher


     2 months ago +411

    "you shouldn't launch a feature in a game that would hurt gamer's performance, and then do trickery to increase the resolution and make it blurry."

  • George Lucian Oniceanu

    George Lucian Oniceanu

     2 months ago +235

    Rip Intel, been a fan for +15 years, but its time to move on. Hello AMD 🤗😋🤗😋

  • Sina Madani

    Sina Madani

     2 months ago +191

    This is an amazing E3 conference. They were straight up, no nonsense, showed us the products, the technical details, the benchmarks, the prices and the games. Oh and they showed way more of Gears 5 than Microsoft did!

  • 刘海峰


     2 months ago +19

    AMD ☑️
    INTEL ❎

  • Whothus_ka Gaming

    Whothus_ka Gaming

     2 months ago +144

    That bald dude.
    Burned NVIDIA DLSS
    Liked yhe term bro.
    Keep it up.

  • Chris Hunter

    Chris Hunter

     2 months ago +99

    What do you think about that?



     2 months ago +115

    3950x so beautiful it brings a literal tear to my eye. WELL DONE AMD, TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suttipong Nakken

    Suttipong Nakken

     2 months ago +122

    Well I'm going to switch from Intel to AMD Amazing art CPU

  • SuperCapuka


     2 months ago +87

    I never tough I would say this, AMD was the best press conference this year.

  • Stefan Tenzer

    Stefan Tenzer

     2 months ago +52

    It's a bit outstanding to have such a nice CEO in a big company like amd, which is still innovative!!

  • NoBody


     2 months ago +182

    Nvidia: Blurry Rtx with fps decrase
    AMD: Extra sharpness detail with same performance.😏

  • metch


     2 months ago +44

    AMD, the way it will be played.

  • SliM420 GaMing

    SliM420 GaMing

     2 months ago +79

    I'll always remember where I was the day Intel died.

  • Juane9


     2 months ago +22

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Intel is gone
    My wallet too

  • Whothus_ka Gaming

    Whothus_ka Gaming

     2 months ago +49

    Dude DLSS is burning now.
    Go AMD

  • Lui Gomez

    Lui Gomez

     2 months ago +16

    I heard intel just ordered a few pallets of towels to clean up all the sweat.

  • Shawn Jackson

    Shawn Jackson

     2 months ago +41

    16 cores :D .... hell yes !!! I'm shooting for 12 tho

  • Tanishq Hooda

    Tanishq Hooda

     2 months ago +43

    Most Unexcited Crowd Ever Seen
    I would have been Yelling There

  • Custom PC Builder

    Custom PC Builder

     2 months ago +14

    Phenomenal!!!... been a fan of AMD since the Phenom - always believed in team RED. I'll definitely be investing in Rzyen 3000 and Radeon 5000.