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Katelyn Ohashi Was the Best Gymnast in the World, Until She Wasn’t | The Players' Tribune

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi talks about why she decided to quit the elite gymnastics circuit in order to go to college. The 2018 NCAA gymnastics champ shares her struggles with injuries, self image issues, and happiness while competing full-time. Ohashi talks about the influence her coach, UCLA's Miss Val, has had on her rediscovering her love for the sport.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/z9b1KAoYz9s


  • A Wonder

    A Wonder

     19 hours ago

    If that bird can’t fly maybe it’s too young to learn to take time to make him/herself fly nothings wrong with a bird that can’t fly it’s just the matter of how it flies if it flies one way that doesn’t mean that it can’t Katelyn Ohashi is not a bird that can’t fly and she is not fat or she needs to learn is just how can she make this better and how will she make it better she will never know if she just starts listening to those comments in those ugly words that they’re saying to her she is nothing but a beautiful bird that can fly. I’m not sure where she got it from but I am one of her biggest fans and I’ve been a fan of her since I was let’s say five that’s when I was that’s when I remember I do not think that she is a bird that cannot fly I gave her all my heart and I love her please don’t Say that she can’t fly that she can’t do stuff she can I know that she has gone to the Olympics just because she’s competing in college does it mean that she can’t do incredible stuff

  • Mylene Calam

    Mylene Calam


    I didnt realize that she was the young girl i kept on watching in youtube..wow you are amazing! Your effort wont go to waste. Good job girl

  • R B

    R B

     yesterday +1

    She isnt fat.... she would get it... a 10.

  • Helana Kaisha Ignacio

    Helana Kaisha Ignacio

     2 days ago

    If her fans says she’s not good enough then why would they be her fan then

  • 1besieged


     2 days ago

    The average American woman is 5' 4" and 170 pounds. I read it used to be 5' 4" and 150 lbs a few years back. I would say for a young lady , there is no 'average' as different body builds have different weight, don't let scales rule you. Once you are an athlete, you get judged on weight gain, performance, it is all about the win.. if you don't win at state they brush you under the rug.. it is how you place in the entire nation that proves how hard you worked.

    Freedom of speech & press USA copyrighted. You just have to give your best, that is winning.

  • Marjory Antonino

    Marjory Antonino

     2 days ago

    Wtf? I can't even see her fats where is it??? Feel bad for USA, they just wasted a real talent.

  • Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones

     2 days ago

    Wasn't nobody body shaming her but old jealous skinny white women/girls... that lil girl Sexy as Fuck!!!

  • Bianca Dancel

    Bianca Dancel

     2 days ago

    She looks healthy to me this is super upsetting cause my daughter is in gymnastics and she got a little tummy 💕 and she is the best and gives it her all and I want her to know it’s not about weight it’s all about you and having fun 💕

  • David Underwood

    David Underwood

     2 days ago

    You’re rude and you’re mean
    You suck😡😡😡🤯🤬🤬🤬

  • Dredgen One

    Dredgen One

     2 days ago

    If that is fat, then fat just became sexy to look at.

  • Sally Lemon

    Sally Lemon

     2 days ago

    She could be the reason Simone is lucky to be in top today

  • bong bong

    bong bong

     3 days ago

    Actually her 10.0 floor routine motivated me to to train harder because one day I want to have an attitude and bright smile like her when she does what she loves.

  • Kaliman Chanoc

    Kaliman Chanoc

     3 days ago

    It was a white male coach their culture is slavers.remember that.

  • Sprinkled Animations

    Sprinkled Animations

     3 days ago

    what the hell she's sexy to me
    , goshh people ಠಗಠ

  • Kue Xiong

    Kue Xiong

     3 days ago


  • bellasadar


     3 days ago

    Fat? Those are muscles and most gymnast are built that way coz they train hard and build muscles... Not an ounce of fat in that...

  • fluke crek

    fluke crek

     3 days ago

    So thicc

  • Lucy Fer

    Lucy Fer

     3 days ago

    people call that body fat now because of blindness of what beauty is, little do they now that's the natural body every women should have not fake thick ass, not big boobs, and pouty lips

  • Samantha Loveess

    Samantha Loveess

     3 days ago

    To all the people who called her fat, you're just jealous that a fact she is a gymnastics that has a great body shape or you hate that she has a great reputation of being a gymnast.. And please don't call anyone "fat" or "skinny" because everyone has their own unique body shape.....🙃❤️

  • peaka choo

    peaka choo

     3 days ago

    she kinda looks like little t tho