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Katelyn Ohashi Was the Best Gymnast in the World, Until She Wasn’t | The Players' Tribune

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi talks about why she decided to quit the elite gymnastics circuit in order to go to college. The 2018 NCAA gymnastics champ shares her struggles with injuries, self image issues, and happiness while competing full-time. Ohashi talks about the influence her coach, UCLA's Miss Val, has had on her rediscovering her love for the sport.#ThePlayersTribune #KatelynOhashi #Gymnastics» Subscribe to The Players' Tribune: https://playerstribu.ne/YouTube» Visit The Players' Tribune website for the latest written and video content: https://www.theplayerstribune.comAbout The Players' Tribune:Welcome to The Players’ Tribune, a media platform that presents the voices of professional athletes, bringing fans closer to the games they love than ever before. Founded by Derek Jeter in 2014, The Players’ Tribune aims to provide unique insight into the daily sports conversation and publishes first-person stories directly from athletes. From video to podcasts to player polls and written pieces, The Tribune strives to be “The Voice of the Game.”Get More of The Players' Tribune:Official Website: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/Twitter: https://playerstribu.ne/TwitterFacebook: https://playerstribu.ne/FacebookInstagram: https://playerstribu.ne/InstagramSubscribe to our YouTube: https://playerstribu.ne/YouTubeThe Players' Tribunehttps://www.youtube.com/c/theplayerst...
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  • Random Weeb

    Random Weeb

     4 months ago +15089

    If she's fat then im Godzilla's mom

  • sadtcugts_ iixmiluv

    sadtcugts_ iixmiluv

     1 months ago +3880

    She's not fat, she's thicc. Hoes be mad. I'm telling ya 👀👀

  • Bjørn Tykhelle

    Bjørn Tykhelle

     21 days ago +2866

    "She used to be the best gymnast in thr world untill she wasn't"
    I was 5 untill I turned 6

  • a s

    a s

     1 months ago +2284

    I was a figure skater for 15 years, classic "tiger mom" that wanted me to go to the Olympics. I ended up tearing my Achilles tendon and as sad as I was, a part of me was actually really happy I could be a normal kid again. I lost my love for skating and it took me years to find it again. This story hit really hard for me.

  • Nikhil Manchanda

    Nikhil Manchanda

     1 months ago +905

    This girl is here competing even with such a SORE BACK...
    And I am here eating Doritos..in bed....watching Netflix...

  • GBDazzler


     3 months ago +12751

    How can America the fattest country on earth label a world class athlete as "fat" is completely ridiculous



     1 months ago +1308

    The people body shaming I suggest you be quiet because you know you can't do better and your just jealous so thank you next

  • Bell Iron Fist

    Bell Iron Fist

     21 days ago +558

    She is not big at all. It’s horrible how people see others. Not just women. If you think she’s fat, them I’m 1200 pounds

  • TWEEK0423


     21 days ago +409

    I was a male gymnast for 16 years since i started walking, by sophomore year in highschool i had 2 full rides to college and scouts from mens US team speaking with me regularly, then i broke my arm in 14 places on Palma horse. Never saw or heard from anyone in the business again and lost all my scholarships. I both miss it and hate it for ever being apart of my life.

  • Cadence


     21 days ago +442

    isn’t she like 80 something lbs??? wdym “when i was skinny” girl is gorgeous

  • Tia CRAZY

    Tia CRAZY

     2 months ago +6286

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly,
    She come bacc

  • yassine Farah

    yassine Farah

     14 days ago +159

    People compared her as a bird that couldn't fly.
    Then She's the ostrich that outran many. :)

  • Depression 2019

    Depression 2019

     21 days ago +235

    Shes a girl with lots of muscles she isn't fat ppl GET IT IN YOUR HEAD if she is so called "fat" then What am I!?
    Thanks 4 118 likes never had so much😂

  • Royal Gamer

    Royal Gamer

     1 months ago +325


  • Emma White

    Emma White

     1 months ago +423

    Fat? Really??!?! To me it seems jealousy for being the best

  • Golden Maknae

    Golden Maknae

     1 months ago +7989

    even if she was fat why do you care. not everyone in this world is gonna be skinny. having fat in the body is normal.

  • Briza Camacho

    Briza Camacho

     14 days ago +100

    She's slim thicc and omg she is so beautiful.

  • •༻Gacha Emma•༻

    •༻Gacha Emma•༻

     21 days ago +166

    Who is calling her big? Literally she has the perfect body. She isnt to skinny or too “fat”.

  • Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams

    Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams

     1 months ago +30

    fat is jiggly and like not (solid?) but that is muscle because it is perfectly defined and honestly i would kill for that kinda body you should rock it girl

  • Marakee Musse

    Marakee Musse

     2 days ago +4

    Katelyn, You were a very good gymnast, but that's not all you are....You're a heart, Thank you for being amazing <3