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  • Published on:  Monday, October 16, 2017
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  • Aimee Burke

     6 months ago

    Shane: has a panic attack Garret: has a dance party

  • furry trash

     8 days ago

    Ryland: has a vlogging moment

  • Shirley Jacobson

     17 days ago

    Aimee Burke my lif

  • Ryan Messina

     4 months ago

    "Good morning peasants. Feeling greasy? Me too"

  • Salty Stupid Scorpio

     6 days ago


  • xXMs.Kitty Xx

     16 days ago



     4 months ago

    "wait should we pull a prank?""i can hear you!"

  • Lilah Martin

     17 hours ago

    Is that Albert watching Shane?😂

  • Ruth Gongora

     8 days ago

    Flamingo..? :0000

  • Stop-Motion Queens

     4 months ago

    Shane's headstone should've been.*"ill go home."*

  • Wrap Monster

     23 hours ago

    I have lots of ideas..•Hi peasants•Pig•I told you I would die of diabetes• Fuck you Mcdonalds•Fuck you wendys •Fuck you KFC•Fuck You Burger King•fuck You vegetables•Today we talk about the stages of death..•THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF•Everybody makes mistakes •He once tasted pregnant lady food.And finally...•SCANDAL

  • Caitlin Corrin

     6 days ago

    *hey what’s up you guys, yes*

  • Kaylee Hambrick

     4 months ago

    Drew:questions life and death Garret:eats with his dead familyShane :has a actual panic attack Ryland:continues with his daily vlogs

  • Carlos Sandoval


    I'm both Drew and Shane lol

  • ImHereee

     6 days ago

    I'm Ryland and Garret lol

  • Katie

     1 years ago

    A body with no breath in it...

  • I LoVe HuMbUrGeRs AnD SpRiTe

     5 hours ago

    Do you hate me

  • Chelsey Brett

     4 days ago

    Wait a minute! what kind of body... BEST LINE EVER

  • Julieta Arellano Cruz

     1 months ago

    July 2019? ANYONE??? OK JUST ME?😔 anyway is anyone else wondering where the heck is drew? !#letsfinddrew AND YEAH I'LL BE EDITING EVERY MONTH

  • Julieta Arellano Cruz


    @daisy luminals huh

  • daisy luminals


    Time to edit

  • Meme Big boi

     4 months ago

    Shane: *throws baby in casket*Garret: but-Shane: LEAVE IT

  • Carriecountry Msp?

     16 days ago

    “It’s scared”

  • Camille McCay

     4 months ago

    Shy, Bi, and ready to cry!

  • Creepy Potato


    Camille McCay same

  • furry trash

     8 days ago

    Camille McCay same

  • Lilyth Joy

     4 months ago

    12:57 "I'M GONNA INCH MYSELF INTO THE POOL!"I'm wheezing xD

  • Mikey and Violates fnaf world afton and duran

     26 days ago

    Mikey:omg im dying lol lmao