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Top 35 Viral Animal Videos of the Year 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • Here is Animal Antics' top 35 viral animal videos of the year for 2018, with some of the most amazing clips of 2018 specially selected for your viewing entertainment.

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    For all the best breaking viral clips, compilations, and feel good stories, make Animal Antics your daily portal for the best animal videos.
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  • Eggo Doodles

    Eggo Doodles

     16 hours ago

    2:23 what if the crocdile was being bullied?


    Just a thought

  • Chelle 1016

    Chelle 1016


    Walrus slapping his wife ass so they know it's real lol cute 😍

  • brt 123

    brt 123

     2 days ago

    Guy whistling the chickens home is almost too much I've never seen chickens fly that far

  • Ricardo Manlapaz

    Ricardo Manlapaz

     3 days ago

    Flying Chickens?

  • ㄥ乇丨


     3 days ago

    0:43 I WANT THIS DOG

  • Lady Luv

    Lady Luv

     4 days ago

    Maannn i hate afraid

  • Shadow Dark

    Shadow Dark

     4 days ago

    7:31 big show cousin..?

  • Cdr GrayFox

    Cdr GrayFox

     4 days ago +1

    Chickens: * to the the sound of the whistle
    Me: *has legend of Zelda flash backs

  • Cookie Monsters racingbee42

    Cookie Monsters racingbee42

     4 days ago

    OMG 6:54

  • Harmony Gaming YT

    Harmony Gaming YT

     4 days ago

    The baby elephant is trying to tell the guy painting “hey..Hey you human,come here and play with me! Play with me now!”

  • Kylah Hansen

    Kylah Hansen

     5 days ago

    7:22 scared the shit out of me omg

  • jozsefkacsa


     5 days ago

    #21 Totally wrong! It's: "Chicken Walks Toddler!"

  • Derek Ball

    Derek Ball

     5 days ago

    5:27 Chickens fly to whistle?
    Or Link attacks too many Cuccos? 🤔

  • gabnumber1


     6 days ago

    What is the dog in the snow?

  • Allen Nukuto

    Allen Nukuto

     6 days ago


  • Barriath


     6 days ago

    5:40 we found Kokiri Village and Link is somewhere close by :D

  • puppy sansbomg

    puppy sansbomg

     7 days ago +1

    7:19 This from Thailand and he say bad world for scared XD (I'm thai too)

  • Nate Aho

    Nate Aho

     7 days ago

    5:27 legend of zelda PTSD flashbacks

  • Mani Jana

    Mani Jana

     7 days ago

    oh chicken can fly

  • patrick greiner

    patrick greiner

     7 days ago

    I had a turtle once I felt bad for him so I taped a tech deck to him